Our Approach

Cut the red-tape and get the job done.

We advocate for those in Information Technologies not the executives or playground children in the business units.

You cannot innovate with red-tape.

Are you ready to complete the task sitting there for six months or your ideas to rot over red tape while technology upgrades an alarming rate.

Meet the Team

The team dedicated to the prevention of management saying: "stifling of innovation."


He knows the field.

Supports his family, supports his wife's cancer, support's his autistic child.

Focuses on the tasks, not the tape, to deliver innovation.

Proven by his years in the field of technology and enterprise architecture views.


Victim of cyber bullying that started before short messaging services such as Twitter.

Does the job has no time for the sandbox.

Focuses, loves, and advocates for others before his own physical health.

The life story goes a mile long but he is still standing.

Technology street smart - the best person to address infrastructure before a catastrophic technology issue.